New Study Reveals Most Common Offshore and Maritime Injuries

Maritime Injuries Feb 10, 2021

What are the most common offshore and maritime injuries? A recent study published in the Hellenic Shipping News answers this question. The study examines data from three different sources in an effort to determine what is the single most common cause of injuries at sea. Here, Jones Act lawyer David Willis breaks down what injured offshore and maritime workers need to know.

The Seven Most Common Causes of Offshore and Maritime Injuries

The data do not point to a single factor as the most common cause of offshore injuries. But, they do reach a consensus regarding the top seven causes of accidents on offshore and inshore waters. Based on the data studied, the seven most common causes of offshore and maritime injuries are:

  • Slips and Falls
  • Burns and Explosions
  • Being Caught in Equipment
  • Being Struck By Falling Objects
  • Suffocation and Asphyxiation
  • Lifting Accidents
  • Other Causes

While the Hellenic Shipping News notes that the three sources’ data sets are, “surprisingly similar given that each data set has a wide variety of vessel types,” there are some notable discrepancies. For example, while two of the sources identify slips and falls as the most common cause of injuries (accounting for 34 percent and 32 percent of all injuries in these sources’ studies), the third identifies “struck by” accidents as the leading cause—accounting for 37 percent of all injuries on the job.

Additionally, while one of the sources identifies lifting accidents as the second most common cause (28 percent of all injuries), these accidents accounted for just 13 to 14 percent of all offshore and maritime injuries in the other studies.

Overall, however, the three sources are in agreement that slips and falls, “struck by” accidents, and lifting accidents are the three most common causes of offshore and maritime injuries—accounting for 69 percent to 81 percent of all injuries sustained by workers. The remaining four causes (including the catchall category of “other causes”) account for anywhere from just 0.3 percent to about 13 percent of all injuries based on the different sources’ data.

What Should You Do After Suffering an Offshore or Maritime Injury?

If you have suffered an offshore or maritime injury, what should you do? There are a few steps you should try to take right away. For example, you should report the accident to your employer; and, even if you say a company doctor onboard your vessel, you should still see your own doctor as soon as you can after you get back to land. For more tips on what to do, you can read: 7 Steps to Take After an Offshore Accident.

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