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Can You File a Maritime Injury Claim for Sun Exposure?

Jones Act Oct 6, 2022

While maritime workers face prolonged sun exposure year-round, working in the sun can be especially dangerous during the summer months. Maritime workers regularly suffer exposure-related injuries on land, on vessels, and on rigs and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, and sadly some of these injuries prove fatal. If you have suffered severe burns, have suffered a heat stroke or heart attack, or are dealing with any other medical condition caused by sun exposure on the job, you may be entitled to compensation, and you should speak with a Mississippi Jones Act lawyer about your legal rights. Understanding the Risks of Sun Exposure as a Maritime Worker Just how dangerous is working in the sun? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “[a]lthough illness from exposure to heat is preventable, every year, thousands become sick from occupational heat exposure, and some cases are fatal.” OSHA also notes that more than half of all workplace exposure-related deaths occur “in the first few days of working in warm or hot environments” because the body has not yet acclimatized to the heat of the sun. While simply working under the hot sun can be dangerous, certain job-related risk factors can increase the risk of severe sun-related illness. All of these risk factors are concerns for maritime workers. As identified by OSHA, the risk factors that can increase the dangers of working in the sun include: Heavy Physical Activity – Many maritime occupations are physically demanding. When performing heavy physical activity, workers’ […]


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