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Accidents and emergencies on ships, barges and vessels are an everyday occurrence. Machinery can malfunction, equipment may fall, and fires and explosions can erupt causing serious injuries and illnesses. With so many risks and hazards, it is not surprising to learn that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has named working offshore on fishing vessels, jack-up rigs and on offshore drilling rigs as some of the most dangerous and deadly jobs in the United States.

Fortunately, laws have been created to protect seamen and other individuals who work in these dangerous environments. Recognizing that these laws can be very confusing and difficult to navigate, Willis Law Firm has developed the Jones Act Information Center. The Jones Act Information Center is designed to give maritime employees and members of their family access to important information about the Jones Act and other general maritime laws that are designed to protect injured workers.

A Leading Authority Helping You Understand Your Legal Rights

With over 30 years of experience representing injured workers, Willis Law Firm is a leading authority on the Jones Act Law and General Maritime Law. Whether you work on an offshore oil rig, commercial fishing boat, ship, tugboat, jack-up rig, barge or other type of vessel, you need to know that you have important rights under the law. If you are injured on the job you are entitled to seek compensation from your employer and other parties who are responsible for your injuries.

If You Are Injured, You Need to Speak with an Attorney

The articles and information in the Jones Act Information Center are meant to give you background information on the Jones Act and other maritime laws that are designed to protect you. This information is not a substitute for speaking with a skilled maritime injury lawyer.

If you are involved in a maritime related accident, you should not try to handle your situation on your own. Your employer may be asking you to sign sworn statement or affidavit, accident reports, other paperwork that may severely affect your legal rights. It is very important that you do sign anything without seeking the advice and assistance of an experienced legal professional. If you sign a document that you do not understand, or fail to take legal action within the statutory deadline, you could forfeit your right to recover compensation in your case.

Our Multi-Lingual Staff is Here to Help 24/7/365

If you have been injured, Willis Law Firm is here to help 24/7/365. While we encourage you to review the articles in our Jones Act Information Center, you really need to work one on one with lawyer who will take you through every step of the legal process. At Willis Law Firm we will always answer your questions and make sure you have all of the information you need to protect yourself and the people you care most about.

Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation by calling 1-800-468-4878. We return calls and emails within hours and everything you tell us will be strictly confidential.

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