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Help for Barge Accidents in Texas

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2021

Barges are popular flat-bottomed vessels that were built mostly for the transportation of bulk goods, cargo, and sometimes passengers via rivers and canals. Millions of Americans work aboard barges or other vessels each year. Barge work can be dangerous. Unfortunately, sometimes barge workers are hurt during the course and scope of their employment in the barge industry. Texas barge workers injured while working should contact a Texas Barge Accident Lawyer immediately for guidance on their case. Accidents Facing Texas Maritime Workers Working on Barges Sometimes workers aboard barges are injured from malfunctions such as an engine breakdown which can cause safety issues to workers and can cause collisions with other vessels. Failure to properly inspect and maintain engines and other equipment on a barge can also cause workers to be injured.  Another reason barge workers may be injured includes faulty ventilation. Workers often have to work in confined and enclosed spaces. If they do not have adequate ventilation to create a safe atmosphere, workers can become ill by breathing in air that is filled with deadly hazards (such as toxic chemicals from barge storage tanks that were released into the air). Additionally, insufficient crew members aboard a vessel during a work trip is important for safety. Not having sufficient crewmembers aboard a barge to carry out necessary operations such as lifting heavy ropes and cables can create safety issues for workers aboard the barge. These issues can cause a variety of different accidents to occur causing serious injuries to maritime […]


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