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Spanning from the Delaware Bay on the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast to Lake Erie to the northwest, Pennsylvania serves as a key hub for container shipping and cargo transportation throughout the Northeast and into Canada. Much of this transportation takes place on Pennsylvania’s coasts and inland waterways, which extend as far as the Port of Pittsburgh in the southwest corner of the state.

Unfortunately, while the commercial opportunities tied to Pennsylvania’s ports and waterways bring job opportunities to harbor workers and other maritime employees in the Keystone State, many of these jobs are extremely dangerous. In fact, many maritime workers face serious health and safety risks on a day-to-day basis.

Ports in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to five main ports: Port of Chester, Port of Erie, Port of Marcus Hook, Port of Philadelphia, Port of Pittsburgh and the Penn Terminals in Eddystone, PA.

Port of Chester

The Port of Chester is located on the Delaware River about 12 miles southwest of Philadelphia. However, Chester is considered part of the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. As of 2015, this port, which serves tankers, container ships, supply boats and other commercial vessels from Mexico, Canada and throughout Europe ranked 83 for total trade among airports and seaports throughout the United States.

Port of Erie

The Port of Erie is located in the opposite corner of the state on the coast of Lake Erie. Situated between Lake Erie’s two other main ports – located in Cleveland and Buffalo – the Port of Erie is a hub of commercial activity for the entire Great Lakes region.

Port of Marcus Hook and Penn Terminals

The Port of Marcus Hook and Penn Terminals in Eddystone, PA are located on either side of the Port of Chester on the Delaware River. Like the Port of Chester, they serve all types of commercial ships arriving from and departing to ports worldwide. With their location on the Delaware River, they provide access to Pennsylvania’s inland waterways as well.

Port of Philadelphia

The Port of Philadelphia is managed by the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority and has been dubbed “Pennsylvania’s International Seaport.” With the addition of the Southport Marine Terminal Complex, the port will see its first major expansion in over 40 years. The Port Authority is also involved in a project that will deepen the Delaware River to make way for larger container ships. Current facilities at the Port of Philadelphia include:

  • Packer Avenue Marine Terminal
  • Piers 38, 40, 78, 80, 82 and 84
  • Piers 96 and 98 Annex
  • Tioga Marine Terminal

Port of Pittsburgh

The Port of Pittsburg is accessed by numerous river terminals throughout the eastern United States and nationwide. Some of the barge and long-haul carriers that use the Port of Pittsburgh include:

  • American Commercial Barge Line Company
  • Campbell Transportation Company
  • Canal Barge Company, Inc.
  • Crounse Corporation
  • Imperial Towing, Inc.
  • Ingram Barge
  • Marquette Transportation Co., LLC
  • MG Transport
  • Murray Energy
  • RJ Brown River Towing Inc.
  • River Salvage Company, Inc.

Seeking Compensation for Maritime Accidents

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Pennsylvania river accident, or if you are out of work because of an injury suffered on a tug or barge or other vessel, the Willis Law Firm can help you seek financial compensation. The Jones Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and other laws provide opportunities for injured workers and their families to secure benefits for their losses. It is important that you stand up for your legal rights, and maritime injury lawyer David Willis will fight to make sure you win the compensation you deserve.

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