Indiana Barge Accident Lawyer Explains Maritime Injuries for Workers Injured on an Indiana Vessel

The state of Indiana, also known as the Hawkeye State, has a substantial amount of maritime traffic in and out of its various waterways each year. Indiana’s waterways are busy with maritime employees working aboard vessels such as barges and tugboats whereby these workers perform dangerous maritime work such as towing other vessels in distress and carrying cargo and toxic chemicals such as jet fuel, benzene, xylene, toluene, gasoline. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of vessel owners and operators, many Indiana maritime workers are injured each year and require the assistance of our Indiana barge accident and tugboat accident attorneys. 

Negligent Companies Our Indiana Maritime Team Sues

With over 40 years of representing clients who were injured performing a variety of different maritime related work activities, Willis Law Firm has obtained recoveries from a long list of maritime companies. Some companies we have sued, include but are not limited to:

  • Diamond Offshore
  • Kirby
  • Texaco
  • Marine Drilling & Gas Industry
  • Murphy Oil Corporation
  • Petroleum Geo-Services

If you are an injured maritime worker who was hurt because of the negligence of one of these companies, or another maritime company, Willis Law Firm is happy to advise you as to your rights and help fight for the compensation you and your family deserves.

Crew Members Our Indiana Barge Accident Lawyer and Tugboat Accident Attorney Represent

Our Indiana barge accident lawyer has represented a variety of different maritime workers such as: 

  • vessel operators, 
  • crew members, 
  • deck hands, 
  • roustabouts, 
  • floor hands, 
  • tool pushers, 
  • roughnecks, 
  • among other maritime employees. 

We also help family members of barge workers who lost their loved ones in accidents such as vessel collisions, fires, falling objects, among other situations. 

Indiana Tugboat Accident Lawyer Answers FAQs

In addition to barge accident claims, the Willis Law Firm also has a team of Indiana tugboat accident attorneys available to assist injured workers. Below are some of the most common questions we receive. 

Can I hire an Indiana tugboat accident attorney to sue for my injuries sustained on a tugboat? 

Yes. In fact, because of the complexity of maritime law, you are encouraged to speak with an experienced maritime lawyer to assist you with pursuing damages for your maritime work-related injuries. If you are planning to file a lawsuit for injuries you sustained on an Indiana tug boat, you are especially encouraged to hire an Indiana tugboat accident attorney as both maritime laws as well as litigation and courtroom rules and procedures are complex. Your chances to succeed on your claim are substantially increased if you retain an experienced maritime trial attorney to advocate on your behalf. 

When a maritime worker is injured on the job, it is important to understand the various specialized maritime and admiralty laws that apply depending on factors such as where the worker was injured, the type of work performed, and the injuries sustained. One federal law that applies to workers aboard a vessel, such as crew members, is the Jones Act. Our Indiana tugboat accident attorney has decades of experience in working with the Jones Act and other maritime laws. If you are injured from a maritime-related activity, you are encouraged to speak with an experienced Indiana tugboat accident attorney who can advise you on the law that applies to your case, and who can fight for the compensation that you deserve for the injuries that you sustained whether that be through settlement negotiations, litigation, or sometimes both.

Additionally, many big maritime companies have teams of legal experts on retainer standing by to help fight against worker injury claims. Some of these companies have large amounts of resources at their fingertips to fight paying a worker injury claim. The experienced maritime attorneys at Willis Law firm are here for you to help advocate on your behalf against the “big guys” and advocate for you to obtain the compensation you deserve for your maritime work-related injury. 

How do I know if I have a tugboat injury case?

If you are a maritime worker and were injured while working aboard or near a tug boat you may have a claim for compensation under either the Jones Act or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). The Jones Act and LHWCA provide compensation to various maritime workers injured while working aboard a vessel or working offshore performing such tasks as loading, unloading, or repairing a vessel.

Our Indiana tugboat accident attorney has investigated tug boat accidents involving issues such as:

  • complications with towing or pushing another vessel,
  • mechanical or electrical failures,
  • collisions, 
  • wet services causing slips and falls, 
  • fires, and 
  • safety equipment malfunctions.

Injuries sustained from these types of accidents may include, but are not limited to broken bones, back injuries, burns, amputations, drowning, and sometimes death, among other injuries.

No Recovery, No Fee, That’s a Guarantee: Contact Willis Law Firm Today

Willis Law Firm helps workers and their families who suffer from maritime-related injuries. Our firm has over 40 years of experience working with maritime laws and helping maritime workers and their families obtain the compensation they deserve. Do you have questions about maritime law and the remedies available for yourself or a loved one injured while working on or near an Indiana vessel?  If so, give us a call at 1-800-468-4878 email us through our online webform for a free consultation. 

Did You Know? 

The maritime industry in Indiana is a thriving one. Over 400 miles of navigable waterways border the Ohio River and Lake Michigan generating economic impacts at the local, regional, and state levels. Though the state is landlocked the ports of Indiana receive ocean-going ships through the Great Lakes and barges via the Inland Waterways system, making Indiana home to the premier inland port system. 

Indiana has three public ports, Burns Harbor, Jeffersonville, and Mount Vernon. Together these ports encompass nearly 3,000 acres of land and support more than 70 businesses. Economic impacts generated at the cargo and industrial facilities are related to steel products, which include commodities such as iron ore and coal/coke, cement, fertilizer, grain/soybean products, limestone, as well as other dry and liquid bulk cargoes.

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