Do I Need a Jones Act or Maritime Attorney?

Do I Need a Jones Act or Maritime Attorney? Jones Act

If you are a crew member, seaman or other maritime worker who has been injured on the job you should discuss your situation with an experienced maritime accident lawyer. Maritime injuries can be serious and can often cause a seaman to be off of the job for a long period of time, sometimes even permanently. These types of accident claims involve complicated laws and legal procedures so you need to be certain that you are represented by a qualified maritime injury lawyer who knows both the law and the maritime industry.

Unfortunately when a worker is injured, maritime employers and their insurance carriers are well known for trying to shield themselves from responsibly. These companies will hire powerful law firms who will take aggressive action to limit their clients’ exposure and liability. They will launch a complete investigation of the accident, working to secure all of the evidence and documents they need to show that they are not responsible for your injuries.

A Jones Act Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Rights

When you are injured in a maritime accident it can be difficult figure out what you should do. Your employer, insurance carriers and other parties will want to interview you and may ask you to provide a sworn statement about the accident. It is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. You should never provide any recorded, written or sworn statements or testimony until you have consulted with your attorney. These companies and their lawyers are hoping that you will make a mistake and say something that can be used against you later on to hurt your case.

Your employer may attempt to convince you that you do not need to be represented by a lawyer. They will tell you that the company will take care of everything and may even threaten to cut off your benefits if you hire an attorney. Other times the company will “brow-beat” the injured worker and convince them to settle the case and for them not to worry as the company will take care of him in the future or that the worker’s job will be secure. Do not fall into this trap – your interests are not the same as your employer’s and you have the right to be represented by legal counsel. Your lawyer will fight to protect all of your legal rights and will work to ensure that you get the maximum financial compensation that you are entitled to.

Oftentimes maritime employers will try to get an injured seaman or crew member to sign a release and accept a quick settlement offer. While you may be in need of money, it is important to know that these offers are generally low ball offers, representing only a small fraction of what your case is really worth. You should never sign a release or accept any offer until you have spoken with your lawyer. If you take an offer and sign a release, you are giving up your legal rights to sue your company forever.

Discuss Your Situation with an Experienced Attorney

If you have been injured on a ship, boat, or any other type of maritime vessel, it is important to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced maritime injury lawyer. Attorney David Willis is a leading authority on the Jones Act and maritime injury law. His firm will carefully review your case and provide you with the information and legal representation you need every step of the way. Call us today at 1-800-468-4878 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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