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When you’re injured offshore, the accident is still considered a personal injury accident, but there are some often subtle differences because offshore accidents most commonly involve maritime law. After an accident or injury on the water a Georgia offshore accident lawyer at Willis Law Firm can help. 

Types of Offshore Accidents in Georgia

Due to the nature of Georgia maritime work, offshore accidents tend to come in a few specific categories, including:

Offshore Drilling Rig Explosions. 

Drilling work can be hard, and dangerous, work. Long hours, bad weather conditions, heavy machinery, and pressure to deliver on time can collectively create an injury-prone environment. Oil rig disasters typically come with uncontrollable fires and catastrophic oil spills. 

Equipment Failures. 

Rain and saltwater combine to create an equipment failure environment far beyond that of a typical office environment. All equipment and electronics must be continually monitored and repaired. Therefore, when equipment is allowed to deteriorate, it creates an exceptionally injury-prone environment.

Barges and Tugboat Accidents. 

The types of equipment found on barges and tugboats, including winches, heavy ropes, chains, and other similar heavy equipment, create an environment that is particularly susceptible to serious accidents that can lead to numerous types of injuries or even death.

Ship Deck Accidents. 

The nature of ship decking, which is constantly wet, makes ship decks particularly dangerous for slips, trips, and falls, especially if prevention regulations and guidelines are not followed closely.

Chemical Accidents. 

Maritime work often includes exposure to dangerous chemicals. Chemicals used for offshore work can pose serious respiratory conditions and burns that can cause lifelong pain and suffering.

Get Help from a Georgia Maritime Accident Lawyer – You Have Nothing to Lose

If you or a loved one in the maritime industry has been injured, let a Georgia offshore accident lawyer at Willis Law Firm help. We offer a free consultation to all maritime workers to determine if we can help after an accident or an injury. Contact our maritime lawyer team today to get started.

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