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Many Florida maritime workers are injured each year. After all, the state is surrounded by water on three sides and known world-wide for its waterways. A Florida maritime injury lawyer at Willis Law Firm is dedicated to helping injured Florida maritime workers with jobs both onshore and offshore by helping them obtain the compensation they deserve for the injuries they sustained while on the clock.

The state of Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, has a plethora of maritime related jobs with its long coastline (the longest in the Contiguous United States) and its wealth of waterways. Some common Florida maritime workers include those employed at ports and terminals, onboard cruise ships, cargo ships, oil tankers, tugboats and other commercial vessels. Below are some of Florida’s popular ports that employ many of these types of workers:

Why Should You Contact a Florida Maritime Injury Lawyer

Maritime law is complex. It is important to understand the various specialized maritime laws, such as the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), that apply to an injured maritime worker’s case. Which laws apply will depend on various factors such as where the worker was injured, the type of work performed, and the injuries sustained. 

You are encouraged to speak with an experienced Florida maritime injury lawyer to advise you on these laws and assist you with your maritime injury case. An attorney can help advocate for your maritime work-related injuries. If needed, a Florida maritime injury law firm can help you file a lawsuit for the injuries you sustained on a Florida vessel or working at an offshore maritime job. If litigation is necessary, our team will help you navigate through complex laws, as well as comply with courtroom rules and procedures. A lawyer can also help negotiate on your behalf to help you obtain a fair settlement for the injuries you sustained.

Common Accidents Sustained by Florida Maritime Workers

Florida maritime workers suffer from a variety of different accidents. Some common accidents and injuries sustained by these workers include, but are not limited to:

  • complications with towing or pushing another vessel causing strained muscles, broken bones, amputation, or even drowning
  • chemical exposure from cargo causing various cancers, 
  • mechanical or electrical failures causing burns or electrocution,
  • collisions with other vessels causing broken bones or head injuries
  • oily services causing slips and falls
  • fires and explosions causing burns and head injuries, and 
  • safety equipment malfunctions causing back injuries.

Next Step: Contact a Florida Maritime Injury Lawyer for a Free Case Evaluation

If you are employed as a maritime worker in Florida and have questions about injuries you sustained while on the clock, contact Willis Law Firm today. Our Florida Jones Act law firm is dedicated to helping injured maritime workers and their families recover compensation for the injuries they sustained while on the job. Contact our firm for a free consultation. You may call us at 1-800-468-4878 email us through our online webform


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