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Mississippi, located in the deep south region of the United States, is bordered by Tennessee, Alabama, Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, and is primarily defined on its western border by the Mississippi River. The various waterways allow for water transportation within the state and throughout the country. In fact, Mississippi is connected to both national and global markets through its ports, waterways, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Below, our Mississippi tugboat accident lawyer highlights some of the state’s main ports, as well as some of the common causes of tugboat accidents and injuries that occur each year.

Mississippi’s 16 Ports and Waterways

Mississippi has 16 main ports that are on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. These ports allow for vessels, such as tugboats, to travel up and down the Mississippi River daily. The 16 ports include the following:

  • Yellow Creek State Inland Port
  • Port Itawamba
  • Port of Amory
  • City of Aberdeen Port
  • Raymond D. Lucas Memorial Port
  • Lowndes County Port
  • Port of Rosedale
  • Port of Greenville
  • Port of Vicksburg
  • Port of Claiborne County
  • Port of Natchez-Adams County
  • Yazoo County Port
  • Port Bienville
  • Port of Gulfport
  • Biloxi Port Division
  • Port of Pascagoula

These busy ports offer numerous services such as barge-truck-rail unloading and loading, tugboat services, container shipping, warehousing, import and export assistance, barge fleeting, mooring assistance, and bare loading and unloading, among other services. 

Mississippi also has other waterways available for water transportation such as the Gulf of Mexico and various rivers, in addition to the Mississippi River, such as the Big Black River, Pascagoula River, Pearl River, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, and the Yazoo River.

With a large amount of maritime traffic in and out of Mississippi’s ports and waterways each year, accidents and injuries to maritime workers and others coming into contact with Mississippi vessels are inevitable. 

Common Maritime Accidents and Injuries Occurring on Mississippi Waterways

Many boating accidents that occur annually are caused by operator error. Unqualified vessel operators can cause accidents that could have been prevented with proper education and experience, such as vessel collisions that often lead to serious bodily injury. Additionally, many accidents aboard vessels occur due to a failure to keep surfaces free from oil.  Oily surfaces such as oily decks, ladders, and steps, frequently result in slip and fall accidents. Some vessels also experience mechanical and operational failures that can lead to accidents and injuries. Especially with tugboats that transport other heavy and large vessels, it is essential for mechanical equipment to function correctly.  Failure to follow safety protocols is another reason for accidents on the navigable waters in Mississippi waterways. These issues cause various accidents and injuries each year, such as those related to falling off defective ladders, improperly lifting heavy cables and lines, and drowning from falling off a vessel, among other incidents.  

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