Basket and Bucket Transfer Accidents

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When you work on a lift boat, jack-up rig, drilling rig, or offshore platform, simply getting to work can be extremely dangerous. This is especially true if your company uses basket or bucket transfers. Getting transferred to a boat, rig, or platform over the open water is inherently risky, and the risks become even greater during rough seas and in bad weather. As a result, accidents are common, and many offshore workers find themselves in need of a basket transfer accident attorney.

At the Willis Law Firm, our practice is dedicated to helping offshore and maritime workers recover just compensation for job-related accidents. This includes accidents involving basket and bucket transfers. Since the Jones Act provides compensation on a “no-fault” basis in many cases, injured workers should consult with a basket transfer accident lawyer regardless of the circumstances leading to their injuries.

The Risks Associated with Offshore Basket and Bucket Transfers

Basket and bucket transfers often involve the use of Billy Pugh baskets. These are rigid or semi-rigid platforms surrounded by netting or gates that hang from a single overhead attachment point. This attachment point connects to a crane onboard a boat, rig, or platform; and, once workers load into the basket, the crane lifts the basket and transfers the workers to (or from) their job site.

Basket and bucket transfers happen offshore every day. In most cases, they are uneventful. But, accidents do happen, and these accidents often leave workers suffering from serious – and in some cases life-threatening – injuries. Some of the most common factors involved in offshore basket and bucket transfer accidents include:

Hazardous Weather

Attempting basket and bucket transfers during hazardous weather increases the risk of accidents and injuries. High winds are perhaps the greatest concern, but heavy rains and limited visibility can cause issues as well.

Human Error

Inexperienced crane operators are to blame for a significant percentage of all basket and bucket transfer accidents. Swinging and lowering baskets and buckets too quickly are both among the most common causes of transfer-related injuries offshore.

Rough Seas

Safety protocols state that companies should not conduct basket and bucket transfers in rough seas. Unfortunately, many companies ignore these safety protocols because they are more concerned about staying on schedule than protecting their workers from injury.

Other Factors

Defects and maintenance issues can also lead to basket and bucket transfer accidents. For example, if a Billy Pugh basket is not properly maintained, the floor could become slippery or the netting could become worn and dangerous. Inadequate crane maintenance and crane defects can cause accidents as well. Exceeding a basket’s or bucket’s maximum load is another concern, as is failing to ensure that offshore workers are safely and securely loaded before starting a transfer.

In short, there are lots of issues that can lead to basket and bucket transfer accidents offshore. When you contact the Willis Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation, an experienced basket transfer accident attorney will carefully evaluate the facts of your case and determine what claim(s) you have available.

What Company is Responsible for an Offshore Basket or Bucket Transfer Accident?

If you’ve been injured in an offshore basket or bucket transfer accident, determining what company is responsible requires an investigation of the circumstances involved.

In most cases, recovering compensation will involve filing a claim under the Jones Act or the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA). These are federal laws that hold employers responsible for their employees’ job-related injuries—on a “no-fault” basis in many cases. But, if a crane defect or other issue is to blame for your accident, then your basket transfer accident attorney may need to file a claim against the crane’s manufacturer or another third party to recover full compensation.

Should You Talk to a Bucket Transfer Accident Attorney?

If you have been injured in a basket or bucket transfer accident (or if you have lost a loved one in an offshore transfer accident), you should talk to an attorney about your legal rights. Filing a successful claim is not easy—but it is extremely important—and hiring an experienced attorney is the best way to make sure you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

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