Will I be Fired for Filing a Maritime Injury Claim?

Jones Act Lawsuit – Will I Be Fired If I File A Claim?

If you have been injured in a maritime work accident you are probably hoping your employer will take care of you and allow you to keep your job after medical care is concluded. While some employers may provide you with the support you need to recover, the unfortunate truth is that many companies in the maritime industry have been known to turn their backs on employees when a serious accident occurs. These companies will put their own interest first and assemble a powerful team attorneys who will do everything they can to protect the company’s assets and shield it from legal liability. You need to remember that your injuries can change your life forever and your recovery may be long and painful. It is possible you may never be able to return to your prior job. With so much at risk, you need to be sure you have a qualified lawyer on your side with an extensive understanding of the Jones Act, maritime laws and maritime industry operations.

Many seamen worry that if their employer finds out they have spoken with an attorney, they will be fired. When you are injured in a maritime accident you should not be afraid to discuss your accident with a lawyer. At the Willis Law Firm we offer free initial consultations and everything you share with us will be held in the strictest confidence even if you decide not to hire us. If your employer is threatening your job or trying to convince you not to speak with a lawyer, this means you cannot trust your employer to do the right thing. In these situations, you need to speak with an experienced maritime lawyer as soon as possible. Your legal counsel will explain your options and take the appropriate steps to protect your legal rights.

Employer Retaliation in the Maritime Industry

When a maritime worker is dismissed for hiring an attorney or filing a legal claim against an employer, the worker may have the right to recover financial compensation for his losses. Wrongfully terminating an employee who is protected under state and federal statutes is against the law and employers who retaliate against an injured employee for taking legal action can be subject to serious ramifications.

If you are worried that your employer may fire you for seeking out professional legal advice or filing a lawsuit under the Jones Act or other maritime laws, you should talk with a an attorney who can address your concerns and explain your legal rights. For instance, if you were injured while working on a ship, barge, fishing boat, jack-up rig or other vessel and are classified as a seaman under the Jones Act, you will be entitled to receive maintenance and cure benefits from your employer. You may also have the right to file a negligence lawsuit against your employer if employer negligence played a part in causing your injuries.

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