What should I do if I am hurt?

Workplace accidents and injuries are all too common in the maritime industry. Individuals who work on ships, boats, rigs, and other types of vessels and offshore structures can suffer serious and life-changing injuries when a maritime accident occurs.

If you are a maritime worker who has been seriously hurt on the job you are probably confused and wondering what you should do. While you may have heard of the Jones Act and other maritime laws, this is not the time to try to go it alone. There is too much at risk – your injuries could keep you off of work for a long time and depending upon how your recovery goes you may never be able to return to your prior job. Even though your employer may claim that they will take care of you, you should not count on your company doing what is best for you. You need to consult with an experienced maritime injury lawyer who will give you the support and information you need to deal with a difficult situation

When you are a maritime worker who has been hurt on the job there are several important actions you should take to help protect and preserve your legal rights:

  • File an Accident Report and Identify Witnesses

If you have been involved in a workplace accident you need to file an accident report with your employer as quickly as possible. It is very important to document that the event happened. You should also try to get contact information from as many people as possible who witnessed your accident. These co-workers and other individuals may be needed to provide important information and testimony in support of your claim.

  • Talk with a Maritime Injury or Jones Act Attorney

When you are injured on the job you should talk with a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. While you may be worried that your employer will find out, you should not wait to contact an attorney. Our firm offers free initial consultations and we will keep everything you share with us in strict confidence, even if you decide not to hire us. The laws governing maritime injury claims are confusing. A skilled lawyer can carefully navigate the legal system to get you the full financial relief and benefits you are legally entitled to. It is also important to recognize that strict legal deadlines apply in these types of cases so you need to work with an attorney who will take the appropriate steps to preserve your legal claims.

  • Never Provide Any Statements/Testimony Without Talking to Your Attorney First

If you have been seriously hurt at work it is paramount to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. In most situations when a worker is injured on the job, maritime employers and their investigators will insist that the worker provide a statement or testimony about the accident. You should never provide any sworn, recorded or written statements or testimony without speaking with your attorney first. Your company and the investigators are hoping that you will make a mistake and say something that they can use against you to show that they are not responsible for your injuries.

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