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Maritime Accident Lawyer – Rigging Accidents

Ship crew members, longshoremen, dock workers, harbor workers and other maritime employees can suffer serious injuries when loading or unloading cargo or equipment from a ship or vessel. When a worker is injured in a rigging accident on or near the water, the worker may be entitled to collect certain benefits under the law, including medical benefits, compensation for lost wages and rehabilitation services.

The Willis Law firm has over thirty years of experience helping maritime workers who have been injured during the course of their employment. We represent employees nationwide who have been hurt and killed in all types of maritime incidents, including overhead crane and rigging accidents. Our firm understands how the maritime industry operates and we are aware of the many dangers and hazardous conditions workers must deal with on a daily basis. When a worker is involved in an on-loading or off-loading operation, many things can go wrong causing the load to shift or fall. These types of incidents can be caused by a number of factors and conditions, including:

  • Improper or insufficient equipment
  • Poorly maintained equipment
  • Lack of a catch on hook
  • Loads that are too heavy
  • Lack of a signalman
  • Slings undersized for load
  • No spreader bar used with slings
  • Incorrect cargo weight markings
  • Load weights not properly calculated`
  • Loads that are incorrectly rigged
  • Center of gravity of load not determined
  • Rigging supervisor negligent or poorly trained
  • Inadequate assistance or guidance in the lift
  • Lifting during high winds and in bad weather
  • Failure to follow appropriate guidelines on sea conditions
  • Undersized cranes and other machinery used
  • Lack of control cables or ropes to control load during lift
  • Poorly trained riggers and crane operators

Rigging Accidents and Other Maritime Injuries can be Life-Changing

The injuries suffered in a rigging accident can be painful, debilitating and even life-changing. These injuries can range from neck and back strains and herniated disks to amputations, paralysis, head trauma and death. If you are a maritime worker who has been hurt while loading or unloading cargo, you may be protected under various laws and statutes, including the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). The LHWCA is a federal workers’ compensation program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Under the LHWCA, certain categories of maritime employees who are injured on, near or adjacent to U.S. navigable waters while working on ports, docks, piers, platforms, terminals and other structures are generally entitled to collect compensation and benefits. Similar to the Jones Act and traditional state worker’s compensation programs, workers will receive these benefits regardless of who may be to blame for the accident or injury. The LHWCA provides medical care and income benefits to the injured employee along with death benefits to the employee’s eligible survivors.

Involved in an Accident? A Maritime Lawyer Can Help

If you have been hurt in a rigging incident or any other type of maritime accident, you should never try to handle the situation on your own. You may be entitled to legal protection under several laws, including the LHWCA, the Jones Act and other federal and state statutes. You may also be able to file legal claims against multiple parties, including your employer, the owner of the ship or vessel and other companies.

It is important to get proper legal advice as soon as possible. There are strict time limits for initiating lawsuits and if you miss the deadline you may be forever barred from filing your claim. The Willis Law Firm is here to help. We will answer your questions and make sure that your legal rights are fully protected. Contact us today at 1-800-468-4878 to schedule a free, confidential case evaluation.

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