Ladder and Stair Accidents

Maritime Attorney, Ladder & Stair Accidents

Maritime Accidents – Ladders and Stairs

Accidents involving ladders and stairs are common in the maritime industry. Falls from ladders and steps can result in serious workplace injuries, including fractures, head trauma, internal injuries, paralysis and death. These types of accidents cause individuals to lose significant time from work and sometimes the injuries can be permanent and life-altering.

If you are a worker who has been injured in a ladder or stair accident, it is critical to seek legal advice as quickly as possible. The Willis Law Firm is an experienced maritime injury firm that represents crew members and other marine workers nationwide. We are familiar with all types of ladder and stairs accidents, including accidents caused by:

  • Lack of non-skid materials/worn out non-skid materials
  • Failure to keep stairs free from debris
  • Failure to prevent oil and slippery fluids on floors & stairs
  • Gaps between handrails and incorrect rail heights
  • Unsafe construction
  • Uneven rungs
  • Incorrect run and height of steps
  • Improper ladder attachments
  • Broken or faulty ladders
  • Lack of handrails

Whether your accident occurred on a ship, barge, dredge, oil rig, drilling platform, or any other type of vessel or structure, a maritime accident attorney at our firm can help. Your lawyer will work with you to identify all of the parties liable for your injuries so that you can obtain the full financial compensation you are entitled to receive under the law.

Your Maritime Attorney will Safeguard Your Rights

If you are injured in a ladder or stair accident you should consult with your attorney immediately. You should never try to navigate the legal system on your own. Depending upon the circumstances of your accident and injuries, you may have different legal causes of action available to you. For instance, if you are classified as a “seaman” under federal law you will be able to file claims under the Jones Act. The Jones Act, originally called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, allows injured seamen to recover maintenance (daily living expenses) and cure (compensation for medical costs) benefits from their employers. Under the Act, injured seamen are also permitted to sue their employers for negligent conduct causing their injuries.

In addition to suing your employer, you may also have the right to file suit against the owner of the ship or vessel and other third parties who may be liable for your injuries. There are many different laws and statutes that protect individuals who work on or near the water. Your lawyer can explain these laws and help you avoid making mistakes that may prevent you from recovering the financial compensation you need to move on with your life.

We Help Injured Workers Nationwide

If you have been injured in a ladder or stair accident we are here to help. The Willis Law Firm represents seamen and maritime workers coast to coast who have been injured in workplace accidents. Call us today at 1-800-468-4878 to discuss your case with an experienced maritime injury attorney. Our initial consultations are completely confidential and always free of charge.

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