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Mississippi is named after the Mississippi River which flows from Minnesota to Louisiana where it eventually empties into the Gulf of Mexico. With the large number of ships, barges and other vessels traveling up and down the Mississippi River and other river systems, the maritime industry is a major force in the state’s economy.

Maritime accidents are a common occurrence in Mississippi considering the heavy commercial activity that takes place on the Mississippi River and other bodies of water flowing through the state, such as the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Pascagoula River and Pearl River. When maritime accidents occur, the Willis Law Firm is well-positioned to provide professional legal assistance to injured workers in Biloxi, Gulf Port, Pascagoula and all other parts of the state.

Our firm has more than 30 years of experience advocating for the rights of seaman, maritime workers and oil rig workers who have been injured across the entire nation. We are a top-notch legal team dedicated to helping victims and their families collect the compensation they need to recover from serious maritime and offshore accidents.

Mississippi Maritime Workers Have Important Legal Rights and Remedies

If you are a maritime worker who has been injured on the job in Mississippi it is important for you to understand your legal rights and the remedies that may be available to you. Maritime laws are complicated and depending upon the facts of your case, you may be able to assert multiple legal claims against different parties responsible for your accident.

For instance, if you are classified as a seaman under the Jones Act, you will have the right to collect maintenance and cure benefits from your employer until you reach “maximum medical cure.” Unfortunately, employers in the maritime industry are known for trying to keep maintenance benefits as low as possible. Even though these payments are meant to cover your daily costs of living on land, maintenance payments generally only range between $15 and $40 per day which is certainly not enough to cover your offshore living costs. At the Willis Law Firm we know the Jones Act and we will do everything possible to help ensure you receive the maximum maintenance benefit available along with any other payments you may be entitled to under your contract.

Our firm will also make sure you are getting the medical care you need to properly recover from your accident. Under the Jones Act, maritime employers are required to pay for your reasonable medical expenses regardless of who may be to blame for your injuries. Even though your employer may try to convince you to see the company doctor, you have the right to select your own physician to treat your work injury or illness. If your employer is challenging your right to choose your own doctor or the amount of medical care you need, a lawyer at our law firm will take aggressive action to ensure your employer covers the cost of the medical care that you are legally entitled to.

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When you are injured in a serious maritime accident you need a strong legal team on your side. Regardless of whether your accident occurred on a ship, tug, barge, jackup drilling rig or any other type of maritime vessel or boat, the Willis Law Firm is fully prepared to fight for your legal rights. The Willis Law Firm, a Texas and New York maritime injury law firm, understands how the maritime industry in Mississippi operates and we have the legal skills and resources needed to take on difficult and challenging Jones Act and other maritime accident cases. Call us today at 1-800-468-4878 to set up a free, confidential consultation with our firm.

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